Awkward is the New Black: Anxiety and Shopping

Awkward and the New Black

A) Trigger: Clearance and Coupon

B) Trigger: Employee with no expression

C) Trigger: Work Clothes Choices so I don’t look like an old lady, a potato, or like I’m try ing too hard.

The Employee– compliment her beautiful skin tone, no change in expression, she leads me to eyebrow powder. Later when I go to pay I try to go to the friendly employee but my turn is the original one. Solution: Embrace my awkwardness and get through it.

Clearance/Coupon: The deal is buy 1 -get 2 free. Also I have a $10 off coupon. I only choose up to my budget just in case there are exceptions or hidden costs. I decide to err on the side of caution because I don’t want to appear as if I don’t know , or pay more then I want, when I cash out. When I went to pay, I had to go get 2 more free items.

Choices: It’s so complicated! Feels complicated! Besides basic fit casual- professional – (52 yo headstart assistant teacher in a tiny rural town) : It takes forever to go through my mental checklists.

Awkward is the new black
Awkward is the new black
Awkward is the new black
Awkward is the new black

-Choose pants first

  • NOT plain jeans
  • NOT more then 20$
  • NOT light colored
  • STRECHY kinda
  • NOT wrinkly
  • NOT summer cloth
  • NOT winter cloth
  • seasonally neutral colors
  • fitted
  • not stretch pants
Awkward is the new black
Awkward is the new black

FORWARD MATEY’S, now for shirts.

-NOT low cut, not round neck, not light colored, not pastel, not tshirt, no fussy sleeves, not too loose or tight, not hippie, not plain, not boring, not trend, doesn’t wrinkle easy, not too conservative, not over 12.99$. I find 3 floral-ish shirts to match. Decide floral will be my workstyle theme. (Idk why I need a theme for my clothes )

Awkward is the new black
Awkward is the new black

I have been flying my awkward flag, instead of focusing on covering it up as in the past. (Honestly I believe it comes from my daughter and ex ridiculing me years ago)

When I returned to pay, THE EMPLOYEE wasn’t available so I got to pay the SMILEY GIRL. The customer after me commented on my cute shirt choice, I guess she didn’t notice I was clothed in Awkwardness. Kindred Frugalista.

ME:1 VS pANIC ATTACK:0. (missions accomplished)

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