Excitement =anxiety=excitement

We are going camping with friends. I haven’t been for many years. I haven’t even taken an overnight trip for over 3 years.

This is because the preparation caused my anxiety to go off the scale. This morning my body feels like it has no skin. I am excited mentally. My mind is like a race horse pulling at the bit, trying to take off.

My challenge will be not to snap at my husband, or the angel boys we take care if til 4.

I have my med appt, my fingerprints for new job & taking boys to library for bingo and lunch. All low stress activities.

I’m going to practice my practices:

Writing here

Listening to daily audio bible


Awareness of self

Asking for mercy to soothe my nerves

This area if Oregon is remote & plumb in the middle of relatively untouched forests,rivers,narshes etc. We are camping at a non tourist lake area.

For example we walked by a deer on my street the other day.

I’m excited to:

Walk with my doggies

Get in water

See new perching birds





Camping is the only time I relax 100%. I used to do it all the time. It’s vital after long winter.

I’m excited to go and, overcome a slight challenge. Baby steps.

What do you like to do that can be a challenge?


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