Sarcastic Saturday

PS came up with a craft to 8ncrease mindfulness by shutting door on obsessive thoughts. Hope to have post done next week. It’s a cool craft.

I’ve been busy packing up my home daycare. Involves rearranging the house also. I’m not reacting 100% to the disorganization. Instead of anxiey I’m getting migraines. The one bright spot is I found a friend to give some of the cooler stuff to! Their family is adopting children she had been watching as the mom took off. Our town is economically repressed with high abuse rates, and few foster care homes. I don’t need my girl stuff as I will only have the boys to visit during school breaks. I didn’t want to take it to Goodwill so I could contribute to the CEO’s annual bonus. I’m so thrilled to pass on giodness I can’t express! Differences ate made in small ways! I have the boys next week then I start at Head start proudly serving underpriveliged families. It’s taken me 8 years to get to a “good job”. I am allowing myself pats on the back. I was not always strong but I didn’t give up. More like limping across the finish line haha.

On a side note the Portland Proud Boys vs Antifa thing scheduled on 8/17 bothers me. The daughter who hates me us a hardcore punk previously involved, last year she had her own hashtag & was on national news. Anger is beneficial is used productively. I have. Experience protesting in my 20s. The 90s and no internet so no social media power. But we were peaceful. My adage is if I feel strongly then I DO, not TALK.

My conviction is violence solves NOTHING. How is Antifa any different then Rude Boys on the OUTSIDE?

I walk what I speak. POC weren’t in this town until the 90’s I was told. I grew up in Fresno so never identified as a color. Until I moved here & white folks started speaking racist to me and I have verbally called them on the spot. The n word is still used here. I’m waiting for someone to say something when I’m with the boys I will come unglued.

And I was raised in a racist family however I knew from the age of 5 it was wrong. There is NO excuse.

As a mother I’m worried because my daughter gets in fight because if what she says on social media. Ok she blocked me but I’m her mother I’m not stupid I know how to get around it so I know she’s o.k. If she grew up where I did she’d not get away with stuff. That said social media has turned the younger generation into brats. Yes I’m old. She now has a corner web tatt on each side of her hairline above her forehead so forgive me for my sarcasm. Honestly because I was in Seattle during the grunge movement I got a tatt. On my wrist and when I moved back to Fresno I had to cover it for work. I drew it tribal style, lotus flower.

Lotus flowers, here we have a species called Wocus that are revered by the Tribe here, only grow in mud. They are beauty as a result if ugly, it’s rising above. That’s how I wanted to be at 26 and still.

It’s a struggle to focus on the beautiful, as a deep sensitive (hsp) person in this ugly ass culture. My daughter and I are similar, but I’ve never embraced hate or anger, though I’ve struggled with the latter. The real fight is with ourselves.

If you hav read all if this, let me know, it gives me hope. If you disagree I’m happy to exchange productive dialogue.

Current Mood Below:

Taken by someone, after an American riot years ago.

3 kinds of red foxes! Unbelievable!

The most funnest to hang out with

Best creative use of Barbie

Best does grow on trees

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