Week in Review: Processing unpleasantness, grocery list sample and my bee meditation comes full circle

ABOVE blogger writes it better then I ever could! An emotionally brambly week on this leg of my journey ….

POPEYE FOOD. Coz dear hubby couldn’t remember how spinach is spelled. hahahahahh
These are from my “Bee Bush” , they are now dry . The real name is not Bee Bush, ha ha. It is Autumn Sedum.
I have at least 10 of these to pass out at work tomorrow. I go in early and sort of sneak them in offices hahahah I like to remain anon bc I want to brighten up my coworkers day not make it about ME . I have been learning about my garden, 1st time I’ve had one . Nothing like sharing the beauty!

sneaky OCD

As I sit here I’m thinking about how to share with my team member on how to download shape templates instead of redrawing them for classroom bins.


1. Control as in, “it’s not my job”.

2. Perfection. “I can’t do everything ” , “everything can’t be done my way” or am I supposed to. Don’t rob folks of their own journey.

3. Circle thoughts. Robbing me of the here and now because I’m obsessing about Monday morning and its Saturday and i’m not at work.

New training in a new job. It’s healthy to review some things that I brought home but is NOT healthy to be repeating situations mentally.

This aspect of OCD will never stop. It will especially pop up with new situations, in my job every day is different. It’s always that way with teaching young children.

Repeating thoughts as taming an animal. Herding it, bc fighting it only makes the animal bigger.

I am kind to myself, and it.

I am proud to developed awareness that I even noticed that animal hiding. I coaxed it out and put it in its own containment area. Then I bring out another animal. Usually listening to a podcast or book. Sometimes doing a chore or thinking about a project.

For me bc I’m also ADD, downtime is my enemy. I practice it with breathing and bird-watching. I have added mindfulness because I can no longer cope by staying busy all the time and distracting myself. Distracting results in depression or repeating thoughts I cannot manage without emotional damage or inability to function.